A key ingredient to creating an effective business is high-caliber training and education for both internal and external customers. Here at The Phoenix Group we are committed to creating elearning solutions tailored to each individual client's needs.

The Phoenix Group is ready to grow your business to its full potential.

Over the years we have found unique ways to address our customers' problems.
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Canon Online Dealer Sales Training

Problem: One size does not fit all! For years Canon has been using general content to train individuals with varying knowledge and experience of selling Canon products. The sales force was not receiving training that met the needs of a disparate group, which translated into lost sales opportunity.

Solution: The Phoenix Group swooped in to recreate the training module formula, applying a tiered approach. Three levels, three sets of content, each geared towards a distinct sales experience level: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Users can easily jump around the tiers throughout the module to ensure the best training experience, tailored to their personal needs.

Bausch and Lomb Resource Portal

Problem: Bausch and Lomb came to The Phoenix Group with an unhappy, "over-communicated to", sales force. Email inboxes were being flooded with massive amounts of content, with no way for the sales representative to weed out what content would suit their individual needs.

Solution: We created a "content repository"; a single point of contact for all salespeople to quickly and easily find the content most pertinent to them, all through a mobile friendly tool. Not only is it easy to find content on this portal, but it is simple to upload, giving peace of mind to the admin.

Konica Minolta Virtual Classroom

Problem: New concepts are constantly being applied that completely alter the product being sold, along with the way it is sold, making the sales process more complex. The typical mind-numbing text approach did not work to engage Konica Minolta’s already busy sales people and only caused more confusion.

Solution: The Phoenix Group created an engaging explorative portal that interested learners, bringing sophisticated concepts to a basic level. This “Virtual Classroom” was entertaining and made learning fun. Not only was the information made easier to comprehend, but the interactivity increased retention.

We create reusable products that support our clients' needs.
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Build Your Own

Problem: A complex product with multiple components and accessories can become a nightmare to a sales force, especially when said sales force is constantly evolving. Trying to fuse the correct components for a customer when the sales rep isn't an expert on the product will only lead to confusion, and ultimately, a flawed sale.

Solution: Our answer is a user-friendly configurator that, in essence, will not let a sales person create an incorrect product combination. “Build Your Own” simplifies the product, enabling understanding by a diverse sales force.

Communications and Training Portal

Problem:: Does your company have a plethora of resources making it difficult for employees to weed out what is pertinent to them? Many times organizations have too much information being disseminated to those working for them. The result is poor communication, most of which will be lost and likely never seen.

Solution: The Phoenix Group’s Communications and Training Portal is designed to aid your internal customers and distribution channels to swiftly and intuitively locate the materials they need, all cleanly packaged within a mobile friendly content repository. Our portal also boasts ease of use for the admin to upload content into an intuitive interface.


Problem: Customers don't have the time for an in depth, complicated description of a product. It is important to concentrate on your customers' needs, and what they need is a product that will facilitate their work, without hindering their ability to focus.

Solution: eLearning is online, on demand, product training tailored to the end user. Instead of being weighed down with the complexities of a product and accessories, it is explained in a simple to understand, easily accessible, format.

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